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Bidets and More 

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10% off at

Trust me! Your booty deserves it!

Handmade Flogger

by Maximus Leatherworks


The flogger is custom made for the listeners of Interesting Sex Podcast by Maximus Leatherworks!

It has 16" silver leather falls and the handle is 8" and wrapped in fuchsia suede.

$45 + $7 shipping

link will take you to his instagram and message him that Miranda sent you!

Hilarious Book

While You Were Pooping

while you were pooping amazon book cover

Can't believe I found this gem

This book is rediculously inappropriate. It looks like a children's book, butt is 100% for adults. So funny, a great gift or just fun to have in your guest bathroom. It's a must have for all peeps.

There is lots of sex in here too.

$16.99 on amazon

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