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Season 1



MARSHALL- Male Dom, Power Exchange, Face Slapping, Name Calling and much more

TOM HILL- Artist. Needle Art/Play, Suspension, Kink, Dominant, Stir Fry

QUINN- A-sexual, Poly, Sub and Dom

SUSAN BRATTON- Orgasms, Rebuiling Sex, Oral, Squirting and tons of fun

 Trusted Hot Sex Advisor to Millions 

King Noire- Mater Fetish Trainer, Porn Star, Sexy MoFo, Exibitonist, food and sex

KEITH- Polyamorous Organization & BDSM

knife play, tasers and more

LAMONT- Hella Single Podcast

Prostate Orgasms, Mutual Masterbation

Will Havoc- Fisting, Porn Secrets, Submissive at home/Dom on set

Lady Lyonene- Rope Play and Wax Play, and obviously more

Carl- Non-binary, Road Head, Daddy and More

Sir John- Daddy Dom Little Girl, Master/Slave, Kink Photography, his dungeon and more

Nikki Night- Cam Girl, Double Penetration, Penis Humiliation and more!

Lew- Tickle Fetish and Foot Fetish

The Soul Erotic- Puppy Play, Water Sports (the sex kind), Orgies, Protection

Hannah Knight- Tantric Sex, Sex Magic

Rocky Emerson- Extreme Pain, Cum in the Eye, Sub Space, Porn Star

Ms Lady- Pro Dom, Mistress, Hedonist, CnB Torture and more

Platinum Puzzy - Big Beautiful Woman BBW, adult entertainer, feederism, looner fetish, flatulence fetish and way more

MrKiltYou- Fear Play, Drowning, Suffocation, Sensitive but Terrifying, the Ebb and Flow

Hell4Slootz- Warning- Graphic and Intense- Blood Play, Sadism, Owner

Kameleon- Sex Radio Host, Chronic Masturbation, Role Play, Try-Sexual

Bruce- Ethical Non-Monogamy, Being a Good Dominate, His Life Doesn't Suck

Billy Procida- The Manwhore Podcast- Group Sex Parties, Stranger Sex, Rimming and more

Sir Mondo- Pro Dom, Fire Play, Needle Play, Relationship Rituals. ig @sirmondo_

Season 2

Cuming Soon!

Season 1
Season 2

Into- MIRANDA, your host

On Interesting Sex Podcast, Miranda interviews people that are into BDSM, kink, fetish and anything that isn’t that vanilla.  She talks to people about their sex but wants to open up a little bit about her own past so you know where she is coming from. Having tried being a submissive for the first time, there was a whole psychological bag of worms that opened up in her mind. Daddy issues, co-dependency, attention whore (literally) and more things came up for her during this process. Learn why she started this podcast. Getting serious and having fun at the same time she is creating a podcast where we can all learn about sex, new things to try or that we don’t want to try or just become more aware of the people and experiences around us. It’s a good time and thanks for listening!

submissive black and white.jpg
Icy London
Peteus Maximus

Episode 1- ICY LONDON

Burlesque and so much more


Icy London, a burlesque dancer in Seattle talks about dancing, sex parties and suitcases full of sex toys!

She talks about how she found her way into the beautiful burlesque scene in the North West and how the kink community embraces and encourages sexuality, openness and exploration. From pink bondage gear to enjoying submissive sex to run ins with the TSA we really talk a lot about some fun stuff! We have so much fun talking to this little tease.

Support her at


fb @icylondonburlesque

photo Cred- KatieKihara

Icy London
Hairy Monster Animation

Episode 3 - ALICE

Monster Porn, Group Sex, Public Sex

We are lucky to have such a spirited little hornball on the show! Alice loves monster porn, and is kind enough to give us insight into what the heck Monster Porn is! She has had plenty of public sex and group sex and she has plenty of things around her room that could be a dildo. Lets chat it up y'all,


Bondage Gear and Fire Play

So stoked to have this creator, Peteus Maximus of Maximus Leatherworks on the show. We talk about fire play, which I didn't even know was a thing before this interview! We chat about open relationships, designing leather bondage gear, his love of being a dom as well as his willingness to try and bottom, penis degradation and so much more! This episode is so fun, you will love it

Support him and get his gear! HERE in SEXY GOODIES or

instagram @MaximusLeather

Fetlife handle Peteus_Maximus

Peteus Maximus
Bella Lavey

Episode 4- BELLA LAVEY

Spiritual Deep Throating, Pro Dom, Erotic Wrestler, Sexy Mama

Bella LaVey is a very cool guest. She started in the sex industry as a striper, then becoming a pro-Dom, an erotic wrestler and now an author and a holistic sex coach. She finds sex and spirituality to be deeply intertwined. She is a giving mother, a caring human and now is living life helping others find themselves in their own sexuality. We are so lucky there are women in the world like Bella. 

Support her

Get her book on Amazon or anywhere!

Fetish Girl: A Memoir of Sex, Domination and Motherhood 

facebook- Bella LaVey

Instagram- @BellaLavey

fet life- Sacred Slut


Episode 5 - ALLEN

Circus Sex, Open Relationships, 3somes





Allen is as cute as a button! He is a flying trapeze artist and lives in the North West. As a circus performer, Allen gets to have sex with multiple circus women. We get to talk to him about circus sex, open relationships, what makes a good lover and whatever else we want. This episode is sexy, informative and fun. It's right up your alley! 

Bella Lunacy

Episode 7 - Bella Lunacy

Poly, Submissive, Fruits

This beautiful lady is sexy and oh so fun. Bella Lunacy loves power exchange and exploring kink and love with people she loves. Her kinks are partner specific and as long as they and she are passionate about what they are doing, then she will give a fu&k. From fruit to daddy fantasies she can rock anyone's world. Special shoutout to instagrams @stephanie_sarley for doing some really sexy fruit art.


Check out Bella Lunacy on

instagram @mooninbellaluna

Facebook and Patreon- Bella Lunacy

She has some sexy picnic photo shoots on Patreon that you have to see!!!!!  


Episode 13- LAMONT

Hella Single Podcast

Prostate Orgasms and Mutual Masterbation

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